Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Spatial Discovery?

Spatial Discovery is a one-stop platform for users to explore, find and interact with maps related information across the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) and National Library (NL) collections.

2. What is a geo-referenced map?

A geo-referenced map is an image that has been associated with at least one or more coordinates so that it can be overlaid on top of street or satellite maps.

3. What can I find on Spatial Discovery?

Spatial Discovery can retrieve over 3,000 geo-referenced maps of various types in the following collections:

NAS Maps & Building Plans Database The database holds maps and building plans, the bulk of which were transferred from government bodies to the NAS over the years. These maps, including topographic maps, survey maps, general maps, aviation maps and hydrographic charts, record the changing Singapore landscapes over the years. The building plans in the database are dated before 1946 and are those of private properties.
NL Rare Maps Collection The collection forms part of the valuable Rare Materials Collection held in its Lee Kong Chian Reference Library. It contains topographic maps and navigational charts covering Singapore, Southeast Asia and Asia, as well as town plans and street maps of Singapore and Malaya. Majority of the maps were printed by European map-makers before 1945; these maps illustrate the development of European mapping of early Southeast Asia, as well as the history of the region.